18 years. Chile. Proud Forever Angel, CAPtain, Exotic, Shawol, Baby, Melody, BBC, 4nia and Only One ^^ Dreams to go to Seoul and meet my Idols *-* (why do I have to live so faar!!! T.T)
Love Teen Top, Teen Top, Teen Top!!! EXO!, G-Dragon, Shinee, B.A.P, BTOB, Block B, BigStar, T.O.P and 4Minute.
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to. 엔젤들!

엔젤들♥ 팬 사인회 오느라 수고가 많지? 항상 고마워요!
to. Angels!
Angels♥ This fan sign was because of all your hard work? Thank you as always!
trans. cr; fyteensontop

teen top | rocking mv dance ver.

(140929) Chunji @ Incheon Public Broadcast

구삼 line’s (upgraded) aegyo battle


Teen Top - Aegyo Parade [A Song For You]

you need to watch this, guys. it’s because C.A.P started it like that soo the other members.. i don’t know.. just watch it. hahahahaha


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teen top {missing}


JiHope or should I say JiNope

Yoongi pretending to sign a girl’s album without looking - from my own fancam
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