18 years. Chile. Proud Forever Angel, CAPtain, Exotic, Shawol, Baby, Melody, BBC, 4nia and Only One ^^ Dreams to go to Seoul and meet my Idols *-* (why do I have to live so faar!!! T.T)
Love Teen Top, Teen Top, Teen Top!!! EXO!, G-Dragon, Shinee, B.A.P, BTOB, Block B, BigStar, T.O.P and 4Minute.
Hope you like my blog sweeties!!! ask what ever you want ^^

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taehyung is hypnotized by hobi’s movements


blogs I love <3

wahhhhhh!!!!!!!!! ME???!!!! >.<

I feel I dont deserve this asdfghjkl Those others blogs are so amazing compared with my crappy blog… but I guess you can see something special in it and I’m really grateful for that sweetie <3 <3 <3 

You are precious baby!!! Thank you for putting me there!!! I love your blog too <3 <3 <3 Please a have lovely day ^-^


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Why they get along so well.


#wow #so much swag jiyong #wild and young indeed

such a child <3

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