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His voice could calm the oceans.

Forever loving your face

Kibum spilling only the juiciest secrets of Taemin to Naeun


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141020 Teen Top On Air: Mission! Accept Teen Top’s Hearts!

—‘Missing’ last broadcast episode

Niel: Since it’s our last broadcast today, should we do a mission?

Changjo: While performing ‘Missing’ we could make hearts during our solo parts or all together..? Something like this?

Niel: Okay, let’s do it together at the end!!

Changjo: At the end?

Ricky: Good, let’s go!

Changjo: A mission for the fans, is this our first time?

—Ricky~ Are you confident about the heart mission?

Ricky: Of course, I’m good at making hearts

—Ricky confident about hearts

Chunji: Someone has to do it

Ljoe: Can I do it?

Chunji: Do it with confidence, since it’s the ending!!

Ljoe: “Angel~ I love you”?

Chunji: Yeah, Angel I love you. Like this!

—Members discussing how to shout “Angel I love you”

Ljoe: Everyone can tell it was switched (?)

—Give us a taste of it~

Ljoe: No, I can’t you have to watch the performance

—L.Joe keeps practicing “Angel I love you”

Ljoe: Angel I love you. Can they hear it? Angel I love you!

Ricky: I’ll do it like this

—Members practicing their hearts

Niel: Everyone will do their own heart?

Changjo: I’ll do it like this

Niel: I’ll do this

—Teen Top returning after awesomely finishing their last ‘Missing’ stage

Niel: First off, I’m happy the mission was a success. A lot of fans came so I’m happy about that

Changjo: At the end when we shouted our fanclub name Angel

Chunji: We made hearts

Changjo: Yeah. And the fans shouted “We love you” to us

—L.Joe monitoring the last performance of ‘Missing’

Ljoe: It came out great! The hearts. I hope all the Angels saw this

Ljoe: Umm.. You guys have really worked hard all this time!

Changjo: Taking care of us until the last broadcast, you guys have really worked hard

Ricky: We will be back soon with an even cooler image

Niel: I’m glad we were able to achieve good results with this promotion. And this is our first album in our 20s, I’m happy there were a lot of changes. We will try to keep showing an evolving image. We will try to be an ever improving Teen Top!

—C.A.P short but bold!!

Cap: I love you!

Chunji: During this promotional period we received a lot of love, and won first place. I’m so so thankful for all the love you’ve given us. I’m happy! Teen Top will be back soon. Please wait just a little bit

—Shall we watch the ‘Missing’ final broadcast mission together??

Ljoe: Angel!

Angels: We love you!

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